Week 4 Kickstarter Production Update!

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It is starting to feel like every week so much new is going on that it's hard to nail down the 3 biggest achievements. Plus people only want to hear you talk about troubleshooting and bug fixing pedals for so long before they're like "we get it, you make pedals now."
SO, this week I've decided to do less talking and more showing! We have some dope new swag that will come customized to your pedal orders, and some swag that's just awesome and available for purchase right now! Check it all out below.

How awesome is that?? These are our new pedal line specific buttons! Now you can show everyone what's on your board no matter where you are! 

Collect them all! Also... if you're wondering what that little orange button is for...

That is the genuine, first edition, one-of-a-kind, premier, Preamp breadboard! Paul (and Austin) brought it all the way to Lincoln, NE for us to test out. Let's just say... it rips... in a good way. 

No, not really. There's so much more we're doing here on top of pedals. We just want to take a second and express some extreme gratitude for all the kindness, patience, and grace with which all of you have given us. We are building a community of music, tone, and people lovers that's unlike any other in the industry. You all are amazing and together, we're going to do great things.

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Week 3 Kickstarter Production Update

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Week 3 of our post Kickstarter world has brought a ton of opportunities to differentiate ourselves from your everyday pedal experience. We took the time to look at the aspects that we all love about new stuff (especially as guitar players) and attempted to implement them in our products! All that being said, we're busier than ever looking to the future.


As some of you have seen on our Instagram or other socials, we've been talking with Paul Spears A. LOT. So much so that he probably dreams about our voices. We took the time to finalize and shape the sounds, work out some quirks, and plan on meeting up in person here in Nebraska next week! Seriously, these pedals are so close we can almost taste them... although tasting your pedal is not suggested. We can't stress that enough.

I can honestly say we are stripping down this unboxing experience to only the good stuff. No unnecessary tags, wrapping, garbage for you to toss aside. We have a new, never-before-used sticker that we'll be including with every pedal, along with the very first GSCo Pin! Ok... enough talk. Check out these sick-nasty product photos!

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Week 2 Kickstarter Production Update

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Week 2 has flown by and we've been working hard to get our preliminary numbers down so that we can place our bulk orders for our soft-goods (hats, t-shirts, etc...). Just a reminder to anyone that we've sent Kickstarter surveys to: Make sure to fill out and return those to us as soon as you can so that we can get your stuff to you! 

The very first GSCo Hat is in and we are so excited to get them out to all our KS pledgers. If you weren't able to get in and donate before our pedal fundraiser closed, don't worry! You can still get your hands on one by preordering here. Seriously... get these lids on your head for the summer.

So back to the real business. The reason why all of you guys went bananas and helped us reach our goals. We talkin' 'bout pedals! Paul Spears has been killing it week in and week out helping us shape and refine our vision. Soon, you'll be able to shape your sound with a shiny (or actually matte...) new GSCo stompbox. Paul is working out our last few tweaks so we can start producing units for everyone.

So there it is! So much going on in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

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Week 1 Kickstarter Production Update!

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It has officially been 1 week since we closed out our KS campaign and we really can't thank you all enough for spreading the word and donating! Now we're rocking and rolling on producing this amazing new pedal line. 

Week 1 has been dedicated to finalizing all the minute details of creating a pedal.  We worked out any kinks or quirks that our prototype pedals had and dove deep into what the experience of unboxing our pedals would be. 

We are all musicians and understand that getting a new piece of gear is cause for celebration! Thus, we wanted every moment of the process was worth DOUBLE the dollars you donated.  None of us knew there were so many types of boxes, packaging, crinkle, color options, etc., but we looked at them all.  After countless brainstorming hours, and maybe one too many cups of coffee, we individualized our full-color print boxes below, to match each pedal line.  This way, collectors can brag and show off a rainbow of boxes! It will be easy to see who's "caught them all" or what piece someone needs to finish off the collection.

Check out these rad box mock-ups!


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Creation Music Guitar Clinic Ft. James Duke & Jeffrey Kunde

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     Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to hang out at the Creation Music Guitar Clinic! It was a whirlwind of events with gear giveaways, tacos, and an awesome Q & A featuring James Duke and Jeffrey Kunde. We got an in depth look at the pedals/equipment that define the sound of modern worship as well as some techniques, learned over an amazing set of careers. They even shared stories from their journey to get where they are; from their first musical memories to the moments that defined them as musicians. 

     On top of the sweet Q & A session, Creation Music Company made sure to sweeten the deal by gathering sponsored giveaways! Emerson Custom, Walrus Audio, and Barnett Music Exchange all gave away a TON of awesome gear.  It almost felt like Christmas with all the pedals, boards, shirts, hats, and everything else you could imagine flying around. 

     After it was all said and done, Tulsa, OK was the place to be on Saturday. We are so grateful to have amazing friends in music who can help provide a lasting experience for everyone involved. Also, the opportunity to hang out and interact with you guys was awesome for us! We love getting out there and involved with the community and we hope to see you at the next event.

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