48 Hours Left!! Let's Make Some Noise!

Posted by Isaiah Dominguez on


     Here we are in the homestretch and over 100% funded! We are absolutely floored at the response to our first pedal endeavor. Seriously, without you all, we wouldn't be able to do half the things we've done as a company.  Now it's time to help make noise one last time, to help push this thing over the finish line!

     With 48 hours left (even less by the time you get to read this), we would love to see you guys help us let everyone know what it is that we're creating here! For us, this journey has been about more than quality, handmade, affordable pedals.  We have seen a community grow and begin to vocalize their wants/needs. We have seen a process develop an small idea into a guitar product movement.  We have seen a shift in dynamic where a company doesn't tell you what to buy, but works with you to create what you want.

     So go ahead! Post, share, tweet, tumbl, vlog, do whatever you can to help us grow these pedals and whatever they might lead to!



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