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Where do you play guitar? 

We play in dingy dive bars across America... really the southeast thus far, in a band called MyFever. Also, church. 

What gear do you use? 

Weston Hine: I've been almost exclusively playing my 1990's, 52 reissue Fender Telecaster for the last couple years... I love it! It's a workhorse of a guitar and just always sounds good. I have a pretty small board with the basics, Strymon Timeline, Neunaber WET, Xotic SP, JHS Stateline etc., and other than that I play a Twin Reverb amp.

Blake Tallent: I play an American Jazzmaster through a 73' Fender Bassman. I recently purchased a Duesenberg Starplayer TV that I am digging. For pedals, there's a handful. I really like my ProCo RAT, also I have a Mooger LP Filter. It's fun.

How long have you been playing guitar? 

W: About 13 years  B: 12 years 

How do you take your coffee? 

W: I should not answer because I don't drink it a lot, but just some creamer. B: Black. 

What are your main influences? 

W: I like to read books sometimes, and human interaction is always good. Musically, Springsteen, The Band, Coldplay, Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, and lots of smaller artists. Arcade Fire's, “The Suburbs” is the best album. Ever. 

B: The National, The Staves, Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco, All Get Out, Mona, & David Ramirez. 

What was your first guitar pedal? 

W: Boss DS1

B: JHS Pulp n' Peel

What Gear Supply Products do you use? 

W: I was hooked on Ernie Ball skinny top-heavy bottoms for forever, until I switched over to the GSCo. Medium+ 10-52 strings in the blue pack, which are great. I use the .88mm GSCo. picks and have a red 15’ right angle cable as well. 

B: For strings I use the GSCo. Heavy 11-48s, the purple pack. I really like heavy jazz picks and have been digging on the new ones from GSCo.  

What have you been listening to lately? 

W: That Royal Blood album. Listen to those mixes bro... they get all those sounds from just drums and bass! So good. Also Pete Droge "Find a Door", David Ramirez "Fables", and U2 "All That You Can't Leave Behind". 

B: The new Bloc Party record "Hymns" is cool. I love the parts on the song "into the earth". Porches is also rad along with that Father John Misty record from last year. 

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a piece of gear? 

W: I got my Twin Reverb for $400 almost brand new. Been playing it ever since. 

B: I'm not a huge tyrant of gear trading... But maybe a tele deluxe for an old AC15 

What is your guilty pleasure? 


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Joshua Koterba is the Founder & CEO of Gear Supply Co., guitarist and lover of music, americano drinker, and taco enthusiast. He's a seasoned road tripper, an Omaha, Nebraska native, and a father to the best 2 kids ever.

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