Creation Music Guitar Clinic Ft. James Duke & Jeffrey Kunde

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     Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to hang out at the Creation Music Guitar Clinic! It was a whirlwind of events with gear giveaways, tacos, and an awesome Q & A featuring James Duke and Jeffrey Kunde. We got an in depth look at the pedals/equipment that define the sound of modern worship as well as some techniques, learned over an amazing set of careers. They even shared stories from their journey to get where they are; from their first musical memories to the moments that defined them as musicians. 

     On top of the sweet Q & A session, Creation Music Company made sure to sweeten the deal by gathering sponsored giveaways! Emerson Custom, Walrus Audio, and Barnett Music Exchange all gave away a TON of awesome gear.  It almost felt like Christmas with all the pedals, boards, shirts, hats, and everything else you could imagine flying around. 

     After it was all said and done, Tulsa, OK was the place to be on Saturday. We are so grateful to have amazing friends in music who can help provide a lasting experience for everyone involved. Also, the opportunity to hang out and interact with you guys was awesome for us! We love getting out there and involved with the community and we hope to see you at the next event.

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  • So all we get to hear is clapping?!? #letdown

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