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Where do you play guitar?

I play weekly at 12Stone Church just north of Atlanta. I love it. I get to play and write with a lot of great people. I also do session work here and there and consult with a few gear companies doing product testing, bouncing ideas, and just helping anyway I can.

What gear do you use?

My main acoustic is an Eastman E10OOSS. I just love it. My main 2 electrics are a 2005 60s Classic Les Paul and a 2014 Banning Penguinita. Both have Porter pickups and Emerson wiring. I use a Morgan SW22 and a 65 Amps Ventura for my amps. I use them separately and in stereo together depending on the need. I just had a Bigsby put on the Penguinita and I just can't put it down. As far as pedals, my favorite 2 overdrives right now are the Walrus Audio Harvester and the MojohandFX Extra Special. The Harvester sounds awesome and is super versitile. The MojohandFX Extra Special is one the best "amp in a box" pedals I've ever played. It sounds HUGE. I'm also really stoked for the Chase Bliss Spectre. Not sure I've ever been excited about a Flanger before!  

How long have you been playing guitar?

24 years. Ever since I saw Steve Vai on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine!

How do you take your coffee?

Black... how God intended.

What are your main influences?

Keith Richards, Mike Campbell, Peter Stroud, Nels Cline, Jonny Greenwood, and Slash.

What have you been listening to lately?

The new Chvrches record is fantastic pop music. Pete Droge’s "Find a Door" is a great old record I just can't turn off lately. And also love the band Sleepwalkers. "Greenwood Shade" is a cool record. I'm always listening to Ryan Adams, Wilco, Radiohead, and Tom Petty. I can't ever get enough of their stuff.

What Gear Supply Products do you use?

I use the acoustic 11-52s. I love them on all my acoustics. I use 10-52s on all my electrics. The consistency in string size from guitar to guitar is really important to me, especially live. I use the Gear Supply strap locks on all my guitars. I also use the .88mm picks on electric and one of my acoustics. I use the .73mm when I play my other acoustic. The cleaner gets used on all of my guitars and I love it. I had been playing the same strings, from the same company since 2004 ish, but as soon as I tried the GSCo. strings, I instantly made the switch because of the balance and clarity. They sound great right when I put them on and sound great for 3-5 weeks. For me, that includes about 8-12 rehearsals, 16-20 worship services and loads of songwriting sessions, not to mention personal practice time.  

What was your first guitar pedal?

Rocktek Distortion, but the first pedal I bought that really got me into gear was a Fulldrive 2 in 2003. I just got that exact pedal back from a very generous friend.

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a piece of gear?

I think a deal is less about an amazing price and more about feeling like you got way more than you paid for. When I found Porter pickups it was a game changer for me. I have them in all 5 electrics I own. I've bought every set and no matter the price I feel like I've gotten more than I paid for without a doubt. Great pickups.

What is your guilty pleasure?

80s hair metal, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and College Football in gross amounts.

Joshua Koterba

Joshua Koterba is the Founder & CEO of Gear Supply Co., guitarist and lover of music, americano drinker, and taco enthusiast. He's a seasoned road tripper, an Omaha, Nebraska native, and a father to the best 2 kids ever.

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