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Happy New Year! It’s going to be an absolutely awesome year.
We’ve recently launched a brand new site, and with it come some big changes.

We’re excited to announce:
We’re dropping prices across the board.
We have heard you loud and clear.

Straps, cables, strings, picks, subscriptions, care items, and more.
As much as 25% off.
That pricing is available now.

These are the same high quality goods we’ve always offered,
nothing is changing there.

The biggest reasons for the changes are:
• We get it. We’ve all been musicians, and we know how hard it can be.
• We want to be competitive. We want to offer the best quality goods, but still make your pocket book happy.
• We’ve heard your feedback. You’ve been great about letting us know where you stand on our pricing.
• We honestly think we can make it up in volume. These prices only work if we sell more, so we will need your help to spread the word.

Because of these changes, on new subscriptions,
we’ve begun to charge a small shipping fee, that is on a per shipment basis.
However --- this will be more than offset by the price drops.
This will allow for FULL subscription customization.
For example:

Old System:
Bass 5 string sub: $25
1 Electric Guitar string, 10-46 and .73mm picks: $8
1 Electric Guitar string, 11-48 and .88mm picks: $8
1 Acoustic Guitar string, 11-52 and .60mm picks: $10
TOTAL: $51

New System:
Bass 5 String Sub: $20
1 Electric Guitar string, 10-46 and .73mm picks: $6
1 Electric Guitar string, 11-48 and .88mm picks: $6
1 Acoustic Guitar string, 11-52 and .60mm picks: $8
Shipping: $2.95
TOTAL: $42.95

Legacy plans will need to migrate to the new site in order to take advantage,
which is as simple as canceling your legacy subscription here:

And signing up through our new site here:

We’re very excited about this change, and are looking forward to hearing your feedback.
We have so many more amazing things coming this year, and this helps pave the way.

Here’s to an amazing 2017!

As always, let us know if you have any questions,
or if there’s anything else we can do.
We’re happy to help.

-Josh Koterba | CEO & Founder

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  • Jan: We are shipping to Germany!

    Frank: Thanks, we think so too :)

    Mike: Sorry to hear you’re having issues there, we have a great many people who have created accounts on the new system AOK after having a legacy account. Please e-mail us at and we’ll help you get squared away ASAP.

    Gear Supply Co. on
  • thats some good news but i still hope that you will start to ship your products to germany.
    We want some of that stuff too !! :-)
    All the best for 2017!

    Jan Spickermann on

    Frank O'Connor on
  • I canceled my legacy subscription at your request for lower prices. Now it won’t let me create a new account with my email. How am I to proceed?

    Mike Mewborne on

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