Taylor Henderson // Artist Interview

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Where do you play guitar? 

I play guitar at Northstar Church, youth retreats with our student band, and in a side project called Tumbleweeds with my best friends.

What gear do you use? 

My pedal chain is: American loopers junction box stereo summing > Polytune (tuner out) > MXR Dynacomp > EHX Micro POG > MXR Micro Amp > Way Huge Pork Loin > JHS Superbolt > ProCo Rat > Boss CH-1 Chorus > Vintage Time Machine > Strymon Timeline > Strymon BigSky — the Timeline and BigSky are controlled by Disaster Area DMC-6D with Kunde firmware, all powered by a Walrus Audio Phoenix. I run stereo with a Vox AC15 and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. My number one guitar is a Gretsch Electromatic Gold Top Pro Jet with a Bigsby. I also have an Epiphone Dot which I love using for playing heavier stuff, and a Silvertone Strat that I found in my grandma's closet… Yes, my Grandmother’s closet. Why she had that guitar? I have no clue in the world but it’s a fun project guitar.

How long have you been playing guitar? 

I've been playing guitar for about 3 years to the day. While attending a youth retreat, I started to feel God call me towards playing guitar in a worship setting. I had no idea how to play a musical instrument, let alone the guitar, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. With the encouragement of our Youth Pastor, I got plugged in and now, 3 years later,  I’m an intern at my church and in the process of getting my degree in Worship Arts.

How do you take your coffee? 

I hate coffee haha. But I enjoy Mystic Mountain Blueberry Power Aid, Chocolate Milk, and my girlfriend Chloe makes a mean Shirley Temple.

What was your first guitar pedal? 

I bought a Fulltone Full-Drive 2 non MOSFET for $80 from Weston Hine from MYFEVER, it's still on my rhythm board.

 What are your main influences? 

The main guitar player that influences the way I play and sound is Jeffery Kunde. I just really love the parts he writes and the way he plays his guitar. Our project Tumbleweeds is very influenced by Manchester Orchestra, Kings of Leon, and Ryan Adams.

What have you been listening to lately? 

Jason Isbell, Kings of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, Band of Horses, Wilco, Elevation's new album, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Ryan Adams, Mumford and Sons, All Sons and Daughters, The White Stripes, The Chariot, and MyFever are always on the playlist.

What Gear Supply Products do you use? 

I use the GSCo. Medium+ 10-52 electric strings, the .73mm picks, and the guitar cleaner & polish. I also use GSCo for all my cables, including solder-less patch cables, right angle instrument cables, and we’re even working on a custom stereo + IEC snake.

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a piece of gear? 

Either my Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy that’s on my rhythm board for $115, or my Vintage Time Machine for $35 new.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Playing Call of Duty with my best friend Andrew and recording sessions until 3am.

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