Week 1 Kickstarter Production Update!

Posted by Isaiah Dominguez on

It has officially been 1 week since we closed out our KS campaign and we really can't thank you all enough for spreading the word and donating! Now we're rocking and rolling on producing this amazing new pedal line. 

Week 1 has been dedicated to finalizing all the minute details of creating a pedal.  We worked out any kinks or quirks that our prototype pedals had and dove deep into what the experience of unboxing our pedals would be. 

We are all musicians and understand that getting a new piece of gear is cause for celebration! Thus, we wanted every moment of the process was worth DOUBLE the dollars you donated.  None of us knew there were so many types of boxes, packaging, crinkle, color options, etc., but we looked at them all.  After countless brainstorming hours, and maybe one too many cups of coffee, we individualized our full-color print boxes below, to match each pedal line.  This way, collectors can brag and show off a rainbow of boxes! It will be easy to see who's "caught them all" or what piece someone needs to finish off the collection.

Check out these rad box mock-ups!


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