Week 4 Kickstarter Production Update!

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It is starting to feel like every week so much new is going on that it's hard to nail down the 3 biggest achievements. Plus people only want to hear you talk about troubleshooting and bug fixing pedals for so long before they're like "we get it, you make pedals now."
SO, this week I've decided to do less talking and more showing! We have some dope new swag that will come customized to your pedal orders, and some swag that's just awesome and available for purchase right now! Check it all out below.

How awesome is that?? These are our new pedal line specific buttons! Now you can show everyone what's on your board no matter where you are! 

Collect them all! Also... if you're wondering what that little orange button is for...

That is the genuine, first edition, one-of-a-kind, premier, Preamp breadboard! Paul (and Austin) brought it all the way to Lincoln, NE for us to test out. Let's just say... it rips... in a good way. 

No, not really. There's so much more we're doing here on top of pedals. We just want to take a second and express some extreme gratitude for all the kindness, patience, and grace with which all of you have given us. We are building a community of music, tone, and people lovers that's unlike any other in the industry. You all are amazing and together, we're going to do great things.

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